Automate security, compliance, and management for all your devices.

With Shepherd you can observe, secure, and manage all your team’s devices effortlessly, in real-time.

Shepherd’s one-click enforcements,
make device security headaches a thing of the past.

Not delegate

With Shepherd’s one-click defense automation, your team will never be overwhelmed with alerts.

Not Track

Say goodbye to manually tracking endpoint compliances. Shepherd will ensure your devices are always compliant.

Not Report

Shepherd can not only detect but also sort and patch vulnerabilities across your devices.

Not Suggest

With Shepherd’s enforcing, desired security posture and managing remote devices is a cakewalk.

Not Pry

Shepherd delivers deep observability into device states and processes without compromising user privacy.

Security and device management that works for everyone.

Personal Devices

Personal Devices (Individuals & Families)

Observe, secure, and manage your personal devices for free.

Enterprise Assets

Enterprise Assets (Small to Large Teams)

Automation of security, compliance, vulnerability, and device management for all your assets.

IoT Devices

For IoT/IIoT/OT Devices

Protect devices, create secure communication channels, and ensure payload integrity between devices.

Shepherd’s intuition is rooted in deep science.

It is powered by our proprietary Habituation Neural Fabric and Tiny ML models.


Don’t take our word for it.

Our customers value the ease and power of using Shepherd.

“As the CEO of Ofofo, I highly recommend Shepherd's AI-based endpoint protection, especially for Mac. Their cutting-edge technology offers real-time threat detection and compliance adherence on the end points, setting a new industry standard for cybersecurity. The intuitive interface makes management effortless, allowing our IT team to focus on strategic tasks. Shepherd has been an invaluable partner in safeguarding our digital assets, and their solution is a must-have for any organization serious about data security.”

Mohan Gandhi

CEO @ Ofofo

We take your security seriously!

We are deeply committed to protecting your users, devices, and data. We ensure end-to-end encryption of our connections, robust authentication of all our users, periodic pen testing and vulnerability assessments, and rigorous implementation of applicable compliances.





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